Nintendo Releases First Concept Image for Super Nintendo World Coming to Universal Studios Japan

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As they reminded us last month, Nintendo is in fact building heaven on Earth at Universal Studios Japan, and today we got our first look at what to expect from Super Nintendo World.

This is just a concept image, so it may not be exactly what we’ll be getting, but it looks fantastic. There are Toad Houses and Warp Pipes to go into. Princess Peach’s castle looks like the biggest structure in the area, but it also looks like there could be a separate Bowser Castle area off in the background. In the corner of the image are human-sized Princess Peach and Toad characters standing next to the little photoshopped people, so presumably there’s going to be Disney-style mascots walking around. There are even Yoshis and Goombas walking around, which Nintendo will presumably genetically engineer into existence.

Interesting to note is that Nintendo of America’s caption with the image says that Super Nintendo World will be “featuring attractions based on many Nintendo titles,” which is the opposite of early reports that said the area would be strictly Mario, with no Zelda, Metroid or Pokémon. There aren’t any hints of those properties in the image, but it is Super Nintendo World, not Super Mario World (despite that being an absolutely perfect name), so it’d make sense to see more Nintendo games brought to life.

Now, gaming nerds can finally know how Harry Potter nerds felt when the Wizarding World opened—that is, if they happen to be in Japan in 2020. You can see the uncropped concept image for Super Nintendo World in the tweet embedded below.

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