Get Demonic with the New Nioh 2 Gameplay Trailer

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Get Demonic with the New Nioh 2 Gameplay Trailer

Nioh 2, the forthcoming tough-as-nails action RPG, is getting a closed alpha test on PlayStation 4. The news came with a new trailer for the game, which highlights some interesting new gameplay styles.

Most notably, it looks like the game is getting multiple playable characters, with a staff-wielding, spell-casting priestess highlighted on top of the first game’s shogunate warrior. Said warrior, the Irishman William, will be getting a bit more ungodly, too, as a new skill showcases the character’s transformation into an all-out demon.

In all, Nioh 2 is set to deliver more of the gruesome, fantastical violence that we loved from the first game. The battles are shaded with neon tinges and excessive gore, promising countless deaths in the fast-paced arenas.

There’s no information yet on how exactly players might be able to join the closed alpha test, which runs from May 24 to June 2. Those invited to the alpha test may already have been sent invite codes, as suggested by a recent tweet from developers Team NINJA.

In any case, we’re just happy to get another glimpse at Nioh 2, which still has no set release date. Watch the gruesome trailer below and check out our ranking of the first game’s bosses here.

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