New Octopath Traveler Trailer Showcases Final Two Characters, Along with Party Formations

All of the travelers in the octopath have now been revealed

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New Octopath Traveler Trailer Showcases Final Two Characters, Along with Party Formations

Octopath Traveler is Square Enix’s homage to their RPGs of yore, in that it is a turn-based RPG that focuses heavily on party systems and characters with exclusive talents, a la Final Fantasy’s jobs system. It is being developed with the Unreal Engine 4 system and has an intriguing take on the classical 2-D perspective. Octopath Traveler is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and today’s new trailer for the title showcases the final two characters and how the talent/party systems work.


The first character introduced in the trailer is Cyrus, who is a scholar on a journey for an important tome that has been lost through time. His unique path action is his ability to scrutinize other characters via dialogue choices that will reveal secrets about certain characters and story beats. In combat, his talent is that he has the ability to study his foe in order to come up with the best method of attack.


Ophelia is the second and final character introduced in the trailer, and she is the final party character to be revealed for Octopath Traveler as a whole. Ophelia is a cleric in the Order of the Sacred Flame, and she is on a pilgrimage to restore light to the realm. Her unique path action is that she is able to guide lost and wayward characters in the hope of resolving past, present and future conflicts. When in combat, her talent allows her the capability to summon those she helped to guide to fight beside her when the going gets tough.

Each main traveler has their own talent that can be tactically used in combat and paired with other talents of the party members to add a layer of complexity to the game’s combat and party management system. Four travelers can be active in a party and travelers can be swapped out at any tavern the player has access to, and, if played right, the player can see all eight party members’ stories through to their dramatic ends. Octopath Traveler seems to be on a path that leads to a great turn-based, classic RPG.

Check out the final party members trailer for Octopath Traveler below.

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