Outlast 2 Banned in Australia

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Outlast 2 Banned in Australia

Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 has been banned in Australia after the country’s Classification Board reviewed scenes depicting sexual violence in the game.

According to Kotaku Australia, while the game’s demo initially received an expected rating of R18+, the specifics of the game’s explicitly sexually violent content tipped it over the edge into not being classified at all. They said “without the depiction of implied sexual violence” as they saw it, the game would have been eligible for its originally intended rating.

As the content may be upsetting, we won’t display the excerpt of the board’s report on this page. However, if you wish to learn its specifics, you can find them in the linked Kotaku article above. Also, prospective buyers of the game might want to keep in mind that the board said the described scenes “were not an exhaustive list of the content” that lost the game its classification eligibility.

Originally slated to come out late last year, then delayed until Q1 2017, Outlast 2 recently received a concrete release date of April 25. The title will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. As of this writing, the developer has made no comment regarding the game’s Australian banning.

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