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Photo of the happy Paste staff from my favorite day of 2009 by W. Scott Chester;.

Happy New Year from all the folks at Paste. We’re grateful to our readers for another year of celebrating signs of life in music, film and culture. Here are some of our resolutions for 2010. Share your own in the comments!

Josh Jackson, editor-in-chief:

In addition to playing more soccer, I’d like to create 100 things in 2010 that I wouldn’t have normally.

Kevin Keller, multimedia producer:

Embracing conflict—Sure, being agreeable makes things easy for everyone in the short term. But sometimes it’s better to just hash it out. This year, I hope to choose progress over social comfort. Do you have a problem with that?

Kate Kiefer, associate editor:

I want to be more organized and keep my home, office and car clean in 2010. I also want to beat my husband at Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Rachael Maddux, assistant editor:

Finish David Foster Wallace’s mammoth novel Infinite Jest. I started in June and meant to finish by September, then December… eh, we’ll see how it goes in 2010.

Austin L. Ray, web editor:
Run more, drink less.

Nick Purdy, publisher:

I never make them.

Jason Killingsworth, games editor:
My new year’s resolution is to quit trying my wife’s patience by launching into the following spiel every time I play a videogame while she’s in the vicinity: “No way! You’ve gotta check out this one thing. Holy monkey, the graphics are absolutely…. Just come over and look at this one part. It’s amazing! I’ll start it over so you can see the whole thing. C’mon, it’ll only take a second. Hey, I’m serious…just this one part and I’ll never ask you again…I’m serious. You never look!”

Stephen M. Deusner, contributing writer:
Get up earlier, get ready earlier, treat this like a real job. Start a blog (I know, it’s soooo 2002!). Pursue a book deal. Submit to more publications. Write more fiction. Lose some weight/walk around more. Visit all five boroughs.

Sean Edgar, contributing writer:
My New Year’s resolution is to stop dining with Ben & Jerry every other night.

Bart Blasengame, contributing writer:
To open my Southern themed bar, The Fixin To, here in Portland. More importantly to have a kickass jukebox here filled with many great tunes.

Jeff Leven, contributing editor:
My one overarching non-purely-parenthood-related resolution is to let 2010 be a year of sustained passion—for music, relationships, and life as a whole and to have faith that passion translates to success by all definitions.

Matt Fink, contributing writer:
Matt Fink resolves to stop talking about himself in the third person.

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