Panic’s Playdate Console Announces Pre-Order Date of July 29

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Panic’s Playdate Console Announces Pre-Order Date of July 29

Playdate, the new handheld console with a crank, will be available for pre-order starting July 29 at 1 p.m. EST, Panic announced Thursday. The device can be pre-ordered here for $179.

The Playdate Cover will also be available to pre-order for $29, as well as a bundle that includes both the Playdate and the Playdate Cover for $199. The pre-orders will not sell out, according to Panic, and “everyone will get a virtual place in line.” The devices will be shipping out in batches of 20,000, with the first batch shipping around the end of this year and subsequent orders shipping in 2022.

The pre-orders require full payment, but buyers can also cancel at any time. The Playdate will also be limited to two units per person, and initially will only be shipping to a specific group of countries.

Originally announced in May 2019, the Playdate will offer seasons that transfer games to the device itself, starting out its first season with 24 games over a 12 week period. There will also be a number of accessories available for the console, such as a Playdate Stereo Dock that was announced in early June.

To take a closer look at the Playdate, check out Panic’s livestream detailing updates and features on the Playdate console.

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