YouTuber Finds Mentions of Mewtwo, Articuno, Other Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO‘s Code

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YouTuber NesstendoYT was somehow digging around in Pokémon GO’s internal files when he found mentions of all of the Generation I Kanto legendaries. “Mew,” “Mewtwo,” “Articuno,” “Zapdos” and “Moltres” are all referenced in the code. To date, no one has reported finding any of these legendaries in Pokémon GO itself.

There have been precious few references to legendaries in relation to Pokémon GO so far. The different teams the player can join, Instinct, Valor and Mystic, have Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno as their respective mascots. In addition, Mewtwo was featured in the game’s first trailer. In that trailer (included below), a timer appeared that gave a time limit of 10 minutes to defeat Mewtwo. A huge group of trainers then began battling Mewtwo. It’s unclear if mechanics resembling this will actually make it into Pokémon GO or if Niantic has an entirely different way for players to catch legendaries in mind, perhaps tied to specific real-world locations or group events.

Rumors of legendaries are sure to capture the internet’s collective imagination until Niantic says something concrete. Legendaries present an interesting way for Niantic to evolve Pokémon GO and keep all of us exploring and catching Pokémon. Until we hear more, you can check out some of the best stories and pictures from Pokémon GO and watch NesstendoYT’s legendary Pokémon code discovery video below.

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