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The first year of a new console is notoriously dry. Launch lineups are often lacking, and big AAA games are usually rare outside the holiday season. Sony has smartly filled out the Playstation 4’s library with attractive indies like Resogun and Don’t Starve, but fans of big-budget action games have had to make due with a Killzone and last fall’s major third-party releases. What’s an early adopter to do?

A great way for the Sonys and Microsofts of the world to appease their consumers is to look to the past. Take a great game from the previous generation, slap a new paint of coat on it, add some content, and re-release it for the shiny new system. Last week’s release of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition got us thinking: What other games should be plucked from the shelves, dusted off and given another chance in the spotlight?

Here are ten games we wouldn’t mind seeing re-released for the PS4.



Thatgamecompany’s 2012 release has a gentle quality that many modern videogames lack, and a distinctly gorgeous art style that produced some of the best visual moments in the Playstation 3’s history. Imagine reliving those moments in full-fledged 1080P. Thatgamecompany, which already updated and re-released Flower, has said that whether or not Journey makes the jump to PS4 is entirely up to Sony. Our only question: What are you waiting for?


Uncharted series

There’s no denying that some of the best moments of the previous generation came courtesy of Nathan Drake and his stable of adventurous pals. We know a new entry in the series is headed to Sony’s shiny new hardware, probably Holiday 2015, and what better way to prepare than replaying Naughty Dog’s earlier efforts? And with the increased power of PS3’s younger brother, the Uncharted games, which are already considered some of the most gorgeous in interactive gaming, would absolutely shine.

Red Dead Redemption.jpg

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar’s two additions to Grand Theft Auto were the bigger sellers, but the studio’s best (non-ping pong) game of the last generation was this Western revenge tale. What a delight it would be to return to New Austin, six-shooter on the hip, ready to take out anyone that crosses ‘ole John Marston. And maybe some zombies too.

The Last of Us.jpg

The Last of Us

The PS3’s apocalyptic swan song was one of the most well received games of last year. For that matter, it was one of the best received games of the entire generation. With new DLC on the way, a package deal upgrading The Last of Us to PS4 status would be a welcomed sight to early adopters of the new console.

Batman Arkham City.jpg

Batman: Arkham City

In 2009, Rocksteady did what many thought couldn’t be done. It made a legitimately good stand-alone Batman game with enough juice to build an entire franchise. Two years later, the London studio proved it wasn’t a fluke with this sprawling, open world action-adventure. The game was a feat in execution, enjoyable from beginning to end. It’s only real downside was that it ended at all. Oh, and that Rocksteady wasn’t behind last year’s follow-up, Batman: Arkham Origins. Sorry, Warner Bros. Montreal, but Rocksteady made the best superhero game of all time.

Little Big Planet.jpg

Little Big Planet

Easily the most charming franchise to grace the PS3’s cell processor, the PS4 would do well to have a few charming Sackthings running wild on its x86. Or anything from Media Molecule, for that matter. Little Big Planet would especially benefit from the new share feature. All those moments you had with your friends exploring levels, defeating bosses and just generally bouncing around no longer have to get lost in the annals of your memories. Let the world see them!



Indies have not been bashful with the new console. Sound Shapes and Resogun were there from day one, and Don’t Starve also popped up early. Drinkbox Studios’ incredibly fun and colorful action platformer, Guacamelee, was one of last year’s best games, and its already available for Sony’s other two systems. So why not join the fine indie folks already on PS4 and go 3-for-3? We’re looking at you too, Spelunky.

MGS 4.jpg

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection

We all know Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is coming, and in fact its prequel, Ground Zeroes, will be on shelves in about a month. A great way to prepare for the fifth installment in Hideo Kojima’s stealth action saga would be to relive the series with this Legacy edition that Konami released for PS3 last summer. Included are eight full games in the MGS series, all for less than one new PS4 game.

Thomas Was Alone.jpg

Thomas Was Alone

Perhaps the least mainstream game on this list, Thomas Was Alone forgoes conventions of modern videogames and instead uses only different colored shapes to present its story. The independent puzzle platformer developed by Mike Bithell was lauded for its storytelling and characters despite its simplicity, and the game became a cult hit among fans with over 700,000 copies sold as of late 2013. Bithell’s next project is a top-down stealth game titled Volume that will be a timed exclusive on PS4 and Vita in 2014. Upgrading Thomas Was Alone would be a great way to reintroduce gamers to Bithell’s interesting style and point of view.

far cry 2.jpg

Far Cry 2

One of the best open-world games of the last generation, Far Cry 2’s enormous world would give PS4 owners a lot to chew on in the months leading up to higher profile releases. Even those who have already played the game would find much to chew on again with its emergent design and moral quandaries.

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