Playstation Highlights Moss: Book II and Others in New Blog Post

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Playstation Highlights Moss: Book II and Others in New Blog Post

Shuhei Yoshia, the head of Indies at PlayStation, showcased seven upcoming games in a blog post today.

Headlining the bunch is the anticipated Moss: Book II for Playstation VR. The developers at Polyarc venture deep into the upgrades of the sequel: from fresh challenges, new mechanics, and even bonding moments with the titular mouse Moss. Mike Felice, engineering director of the game, goes in depth about the attention to detail and sense of scale planned for the game, specifically mentioning an unbroken camera and no load times as tools to make the game bigger and more immersive than ever. The game launches later this spring.

The blog post also showcases updated player versus player content within Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to the Dark Souls inspired 2016 Salt and Sanctuary which comes out on May 10. James Silva (one half of the two person development team) gets into the nitty gritty about more dynamic combat and player encounters.

The upcoming retro-themed 2D brawler Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge from Tribute Games revealed that everyone’s other favorite rodent Master Splinter will join the roster as a playable character. He looks markedly younger and agile, showing why he truly is the master of the totally radical turtles.

Rounding out the post, Yoshida announced a bevy of upcoming games for PlayStation 4 and 5. Developed solely by Billy Basso, Animal Well will introduce players to its eerie and atmospheric puzzle platforming on the PlayStation 5 later this year or early next year. Samurai Gunn 2 brings back the chaotic sword-based platform fighter, with friends like the Among Us Crewmate, Spelunky 2’s Ana, and even the titular Minit along for the slashing good time. The game even boasts the inclusion of a 200 page graphic novel about its lore created by Valentin Seiche. Publisher Super Rare Originals usher the trippy speed shooter Post Void to both systems later this spring, while developer tinyBuild are welcoming us back to the terrifying neighborhood of Hello Neighbor 2. A beta of the survival horror game will take place on April 7.

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