Playstation VR Requires a Whole Lot of Space to Use, and Other New Details

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PS VR, Sony’s VR headset for the PS4, requires 60 square feet of space to fully function with all games. The recommended dimensions for play are about 9.8 feet by 6.2 feet. Furthermore, it is recommended that you sit at all times while using PS VR. “Clear an area larger than the play area of all obstacles before using PS VR and remain seated whenever possible,” Sony suggests in a new PS VR pamphlet.

However, as some VR games can track player movement, Sony also said, “If an application requires you to stand while wearing the VR headset, follow the application instructions carefully, and maintain awareness of your surroundings.”

When Sony demoed PS VR at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, they showed a feature that would alert the player when they were getting close to the play area boundary, so hopefully that will help with any games that require movement.

This space requirement is reminiscent of the Kinect, which prevented many people from fully utilizing it. Those that do not have a whopping 60 square feet of space in their room will be able to still use PS VR, but may not be able to play any games that require movement.


Sony also released an FAQ regarding the PS VR. They confirmed that you can wear glasses while playing and use your own headphones, though the PS VR does come with its own stereo headphones. Sony also discussed Cinematic Mode, which will allows users to watch movies, TV shows and the like on a large virtual screen while wearing the PS VR headset. PS VR will also be able to display “360-degree photos and videos taken by devices such as an omnidirectional camera.”

If someone else in the room wants to see what the PS VR user sees, the Social Screen feature can mirror the image the user sees to the TV screen. PS VR users can also play couch co-op or versus modes with others using Separate Mode, which will display the second player’s experience to the TV screen.

Lastly, Sony recommends that no one under the age of 12 use PS VR, as the effects of VR headsets on development have not been adequately studied and could lead to impaired vision.

You can read Sony’s full FAQ here. PS VR is releasing on Oct. 13 for $399, the cheapest VR headset yet. As VR is still a brand-new technology and can lead to motion sickness, Sony explicitly recommends that everyone try PS VR at a store or demo event before buying.

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