Ho-Oh Is Now Available in Pokemon Go Until Mid-December

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Ho-Oh Is Now Available in <i>Pokemon Go</i> Until Mid-December

Yet another Legendary Pokemon will be available for eager Pokemon Go trainers, this time Johto Legendary Ho-Oh. According to the game’s official website, the Pokemon is now available to capture during Raid Battles at Pokemon Gyms, and will be until Dec. 12.

The “hard work” that the above tweet refers to was a Global Catch Challenge, which offered a reward (now revealed to be the opportunity to catch Ho-Oh) if players were able to catch three billion Pokemon within a week. Unlike the Legendary Dogs or Mewtwo, Ho-Oh appears to be a bit easier to capture than other Legendary Pokemon.

The game also recently added Gen. 3 Pokemon in a Halloween update, ensuring that the player base will remain interested even as developer Niantic is trading in their Pokeballs for magical wands with their forthcoming Harry Potter game.