Alolan Forms Are Coming to Pokémon Go

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Alolan Forms Are Coming to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is getting another update that is sure to have Pokémon trainers exploring the deepest parts of their neighborhoods. Alolan forms for Kanto Pokémon are coming soon to the game, announces developer Niantic. The alternate forms for the Kanto Pokemon first appeared in the series’ latest titles, Pokemon Sun and Moon. Not all Pokémon have made it into the game yet, as Generation four and five Pokemon have yet to be added.

Niantic doesn’t give an exact release date but promises that they will arrive within the coming weeks. This is the latest of many updates for the popular AR game, which includes Pokémon from other regions, gym badges and Legendary Pokémon raid battles. Much-requested features like trading and Pokemon battles with other players have still yet to make an appearance, however. Hopefully, Niantic has more content down the line to entice certain players back into the game.

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