Pokemon Bank Finally Compatible with Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Pokemon Bank Finally Compatible with Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Bank has finally been updated to support transfers to and from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

This follows a long silence from The Pokemon Company regarding when the update would be available after announcing back in September that it would be ready in January. For the non-trainers out there, Pokemon Bank is an app that allows players to store their Pokemon as well as trade them between the recent generations of games, so that players can always have access to their pocket monsters caught in years past. The Pokemon Company has provided this infographic to help explain the system:

Poke Infographic.JPG

As thanks for their patience, Pokemon Bank users have also been gifted with a special in-game item, the “Mewnium-Z” crystal. Z-Crystals were introduced in Sun and Moon and, when equipped, allow a trainer’s Pokemon to unleash special and more powerful moves. Needless to say, this particular crystal is solely compatible with the legendary Pokemon Mew.

In addition to the requisite storage and transfer features, Pokemon Bank will also introduce a larger National Pokedex so players can register foreign Pokemon transferred from other regions. Also added are Adventure Records, which allow players to keep track of certain in-game statistics across the games compatible with the app.

The Pokemon Bank app costs players $4.99 for a yearly subscription. For more about the update from the Poke-source itself, you can go to Sun and Moon’s official site. For more about the recent games themselves, check out Paste’s November review here.

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