Get a First Look at Nintendo’s Mobile Game Pokémon Masters in New Trailer

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Get a First Look at Nintendo’s Mobile Game Pokémon Masters in New Trailer

Nintendo’s flagship monster-catching series Pokémon gets a new mobile entry sometime this summer with Pokémon Masters.

The game was made in collaboration with Japanese mobile game developer DeNA, who also assisted Nintendo with their other app store hits like Fire Emblem: Heroes and Super Mario Run.

In the first Pokémon Masters gameplay trailer, released Thursday, fans get their first sneak peek at what gameplay will be like on the mysterious new title, which was announced without much detail last month. The trailer begins with a lengthy animated section—not gameplay footage—that pays tribute to several generations of the long-running Pokémon anime.

As for the sliver of gameplay at the end of the trailer, it doesn’t reveal much besides the basics. It appears that Pokémon Masters will be centered on the three-on-three Pokémon battling style introduced in Pokémon: Black and Pokémon: White, but with a twist: The new game ditches the old RPG turn-based style in favor of real-time squad battles. There also appears to be a story mode, and Gym badges make a return.

What’s also new is an emphasis on collecting Pokémon trainers as opposed to Pokémon. In this new region, called Paiso, trainers only have one Pokémon they “sync pair” with. The Verge reports that Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara said that the idea behind the game “was to create a gameplay experience where you could befriend not only Pokémon, but trainers.” And the game does feature some beloved classic trainers, such as Misty, Brock and Cynthia.

Check out the trailer for Pokémon Masters below.

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