Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Final Starter Evolutions

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Final Starter Evolutions

It feels like only yesterday that we were being introduced to our new starters, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, and now look at them, all grown up.

Rowlet’s final evolution is Decidueye, a Grass/Ghost-type, which is an interesting combination, but boy, that is an awkward name. We get that it’s a play on “deciduous” because it uses its feathers as arrows, but there are a lot of vowels just bunched up right at the end there. Litten will eventually become Incineroar, whose wrestling schtick doesn’t exactly make up for looking so boring and plain, but hey, at least it’s not another Fire/Fighting-type starter. And lastly, we have Primarina, who somehow became the best-looking starter after we all made fun of Popplio for looking like a goof. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

Also revealed in the trailer are the guardian Pokémon for each island in the Alola region, each of which has a special move that summons a capital-G Guardian that automatically deals 75 percent damage to an opponent’s health. We also saw Cosmog, an adorable, little “Nebula Pokémon,” and the Alola form of classic, first generation Pokémon Persian, who is apparently a “symbol of the rich Alola region, and it is held to be a Pokémon of great beauty.” The Alola people must really like Garfield.

And finally, instead of a Pokémon League, which is still being built on top of the tallest mountain in the region, there will be a “Battle Tree” players will have to face first. The trainers you beat in the Battle Tree can then be recruited to battle alongside you, including the two oddly named classics Red and Blue from the original generation of games. Red is his usual quiet self, still rocking that Pikachu, and Blue is still just kind of annoying.

You can see the full trailer above. Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released on Nov. 18.

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