Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Demo Launch Date, Starter Evolutions

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Demo Launch Date, Starter Evolutions

If waiting until November for Pokémon Sun and Moon is just too much for your heart to bear, don’t worry—there’s an oasis in this Pokémon desert.

The latest trailer in the seemingly endless reveals Nintendo has for the new generation of games has revealed that Pokémon Sun and Moon are getting a demo on Oct. 18. Playing the demo will allow you to unlock Ash-Greninja, which you can transfer to the full game when it comes out.

The new trailer also revealed the first evolutions for the new starter Pokémon: Dartrix, Torracat and Brionne. Dartrix looks like the beautiful sassy boy we all knew Rowlet would grow up to be, Brionne looks like Popplio learned to embrace being a flamboyant goof, and Torracat looks like a cat with a bit of red on it.

The trailer also showed off a couple of new features, including Festival Plaza, which is a meeting place for players to battle and trade, and Poké Pelago, which finally explains what happens to Pokémon trapped in the endless digital purgatory that is the PC. Pokémon in Poké Pelago can be sent to different islands that have different benefit,s like leveling them up or finding items for you to use.

You can watch the trailer above and see the new evolutions below.

Pokémon Sun and Moon come out on Nov. 18 for Nintendo 3DS.


Pokemon Dartrix Full.png


Pokemon Brionne Full.png


Pokemon Torracat Full.png

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