PAX Organizers ReedPOP Purchase Eurogamer‘s Parent Company

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PAX Organizers ReedPOP Purchase Eurogamer‘s Parent Company

The company behind the ever-growing PAX gaming conventions and New York Comic-Con, ReedPOP, have purchased the full portfolio of Gamer Network for an undisclosed amount. The purchase includes highly regarded editorial publications Eurogamer, USgamer,, Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Digital Foundry, along with all associated YouTube and video channels. The purchase also includes EGX, the largest U.K. gaming convention, which was owned and operated by Gamer Network.

Gamer Network CEO and Co-Founder Rupert Loman will remain with the company with a focus on global games strategy while COO Simon Maxwell will take over operations of Gamer Network. ReedPOP also stated in their announcement that all Gamer Network staff will be remain within the company.

The piece of the purchase that fits best within ReedPOP’s existing business is EGX. The addition of EGX now makes ReedPOP one of the largest organizers of conventions across Europe. “Bringing ReedPOP and Gamer Network together, PAX and EGX together—these are the kinds of mash ups you dream of,” said ReedPOP global head Lance Fensterman in a statement. “We are beyond excited to dream up new concepts that will blow the minds of fans all over the world.”

ReedPOP’s acquisition marks its first foray into the editorial field, and the outlets it now holds have stellar reputations among the gaming audience. Eurogamer reviews editor Oli Welsh was quick to quell any doubts, writing that the integrity of the site, as well as other Gamer Network outlets, would not diminish after the purchase. “The most important thing you, as Eurogamer readers, need to know about this deal is that Eurogamer in not going to change, “ said Welsh, adding, “we will still cover videogames in exactly the same way, to the same depth as we do now. Our editorial policies won’t change and nor will our independent spirit.”

In fact, the most immediate change coming for the site is an update to their website.

Speaking to, Fensterman expressed his excitement about the opportunities presented by having a content creation team to the quality of Gamer Network’s at his disposal. “We think content and content creation is a big piece of it. I think what’s exciting, though, is that we are going to engage with the Gamer Network team that have ideas and innovation that we’ve never thought of and give them the resources to make them happen,” said Fensterman.

Welsh seconded his new boss’s sentiment: “The ReedPOP team is 100 percent committed to our digital media business (which is a business way of saying our websites and YouTube channels), too.”

ReedPOP’s ownership of Gamer Network and its properties begins immediately, and the next PAX event, PAX East, takes place on April 5-8 in Boston, Mass.

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