Reminder: You Only Have a Few Hours Left to Download Disney Infinity Toy Boxes

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Reminder: You Only Have a Few Hours Left to Download Disney Infinity Toy Boxes

Disney Infinity, a game I played far too much of in 2015 and 2016, and which was unexpectedly cancelled by Disney last May, comes to a complete wrap tomorrow. New development on the game might’ve ended abruptly last spring, but Disney has continued to run the servers that let people download toy boxes and play with each other online. That ends tomorrow, though. The servers are going dark forever, which means you’ll no longer be able to download any of the toy boxes made by other players or by the game’s actual designers.

If you’re an Infinity fan, and hoped to grab those before the servers shut down, you only have a few hours left. Get cracking! Beyond the toy boxes made by the official Disney Infinity team, which generally consisted of new playable missions focused on specific individual characters, we recommend pretty much any of the toy boxes by the following amateur designers: ThePirateStephen, MightyGitis, Erdadi3 and King of the Tunas. All four produced a variety of toy boxes that rivaled the work from the official designers.

If you’ve never downloaded a toy box before, it’s free, if you own the game. Go to the Community Content menu and look for the toy box option. Once you’re at the toy box menu you can sort by the most recent uploads (which are all old now), by the most popular, the most downloaded, and other options. Once you find a toy box that looks interesting, it’s easy to download to your console, where you’ll be able to play it even once the servers are down. If you see a toy box by any of the designers mentioned above, you can select to find other toy boxes that they’ve made, and sample their work.

Act fast, though: those servers go down soon.

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