Smite Enters PS4 Closed Beta, And There Will Be A Tournament At Dreamhack

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We love it when games made right in our backyard announce cool things. Today, Hi-Rez Studios, out of our very own Atlanta, revealed a couple of big developments regarding Smite.

The first is that there will be a Smite Masters tournament at DreamHack this June. It will feature eight teams—three from North America, three from Europe, one from Brazil, and one from Hispanoamérica—competing in a three-round, single-elimination tournament for a prize of $450,000. The Swedish gaming festival will also host the first-ever professional tournament for Paladins, Hi-Rez’s new team-based shooter. That tournament will feature two American teams and two European teams, which will be determined in as-yet announced qualifying tournaments in the spring. Stay tuned.

The second big announcement from Hi-Rez is that today, Smite is entering closed beta on PS4. According to the company, “All of SMITE’s game modes will be made available, and players will have access to Season 3 content including Amaterasu and the new Joust map. Players will also be able to buy gems and the PS4 founder’s pack. The founder’s pack includes all current and future gods, 2 unique skins, 400 gems, and access to the beta if they don’t already have it.”

You can opt-in for the Smite PS4 beta here.

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