Stardew Valley to Get Free Content Update for 4th Anniversary

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Stardew Valley to Get Free Content Update for 4th Anniversary

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone (or ConcernedApe) has been very good to his fans over the last few years. In celebration of the game’s four-year anniversary, he’s planning to release another free content update (1.5). No news yet on what the content will entail, but the game’s free 1.4 update included major quality-of-life changes, new romantic events, 14 new musical tracks and, well, a few bugs, which informs us as to what we might be able to expect in the ensuing push.

As you may know, Stardew Valley has an extremely active modding community concerned with making the game as accessible and fun as possible. It could be that ConcernedApe will take some cues from them—or potentially not, given his embrace of the mod community’s work.

Just a couple week’s ago, ConcernedApe told a fan via Twitter that he was in the early process for two new games, both within the world of Stardew Valley. He humbly requested that no one freak out—he doesn’t want wild expectations to put pressure on the scope of the projects, saying he isn’t “out to make the next indie smash hit” and instead wants to approach these games organically. Neither will be a farming simulator à la the original game.