Starfield Gets Three Surprise Animated Shorts

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Starfield Gets Three Surprise Animated Shorts

Bethesda shadow dropped a trio of animated shorts based on the upcoming Starfield called The Settled Systems – A Starfield Animated Anthology this morning.

The shorts share a distinct art style and lack of dialogue, each running between two and three minutes and featuring a different one of the game’s many interstellar cities.

The first short, “Supra Et Ultra,” shows a deliveryman landing on New Atlantis to become a pilot for the United Colonies and getting engaged in space battles.

The second, “Where Hope is Built,” focuses on a woman in Akila City collecting parts to fix a broken starship, helping an elderly man in a bind along the way. This short also teases some mech combat, which fans may be very excited to see.

The third short, “The Hand that Feeds,” stars a pair of thieves in Neon who come into conflict with each other while mugging a corporate executive, leading one of them to seemingly be recruited by said executive’s employer.

These shorts don’t reveal much concrete new information about the game itself (other than the aforementioned mech tease, if that counts), and are more focused on establishing the tone of the game and highlighting some of its city locations.

With its release just about a month and a half away and its status as Bethesda Softworks’ first new single-player RPG in eight years, buzz around Starfield is very high, with some dedicated fans poring over pre-release material enough to make big plays like revealing what may be the entirety of the game’s skill tree. Whether the game meets the hype that both fans and Bethesda have been setting for it will be seen when it is released on September 6.

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