Super Mario Run Breaks Record for Most Day-One Downloads in App Store History

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Super Mario Run was downloaded from the iOS App store 2.85 million times on its first day of release, breaking the record for day-one downloads, per The Verge.

For comparison, on iOS devices, Pokémon GO was downloaded 900,000 times on its first day and hit 5.6 million downloads by day three. GO currently holds the record for most first-week downloads, though Apple has kept the exact number of downloads for the record under wraps. GO was buoyed by strong word-of-mouth, but if Super Mario Run can keep its pace up, it’ll almost certainly take that record, too.

Now there are some caveats to go with those numbers, the biggest of which being that Super Mario Run is available in 150 countries, whereas Pokémon GO debuted in just three and took months to roll out to other regions. There’s also the fact that Nintendo has been heavily marketing the game, including its debut at Apple’s iPhone 7 press conference and a highly publicized spot on The Tonight Show.

Whether you’re already obsessed with the game or unlucky enough to be an Android user, you can enjoy the game vicariously by reading our first impressions of Super Mario Run here.