Here’s a Sneak Peek of Universal’s Super Nintendo World in Action

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Here’s a Sneak Peek of Universal’s Super Nintendo World in Action

Super Nintendo World won’t be opening anytime soon. Universal’s Super Mario theme park expansion was scheduled to open at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka this summer, in time for the 2020 Olympics. Of course the coronavirus had a different idea, and basically shut down large gatherings of all kinds throughout the world. The Olympics were pushed back to 2021, and Universal’s Japanese them park was closed from February through early June. Even now, it’s only open to residents of one region of Japan, with severely limited capacity. Even though the park has tentatively reopened, Super Nintendo World hasn’t launched yet, and currently has no opening date scheduled; it’s been officially delayed indefinitely, because what’s the point of opening a big, exciting new theme park area if few people will be able to visit it?

All throughout the closure, though, Universal continued putting the finishing touches on its recreation of the Mushroom Kingdom. YouTube and social media has been full of surreptitiously taken photos and videos of the new land, and as disappointing as it is that it’ll be a good while before we can experience it in person, it’s still cool to see what Super Nintendo World will look like in action.

Here’s one such video, posted on YouTube today by a user called JoshuaTheCat.

You can see the sense of motion and life that’ll make Super Nintendo World feel like the videogames. Coins spin, turtle shells twirl back and forth, and a giant piranha plant sways in its pipe. On the other side of Bowser’s castle you can see Yoshi march around a tree, his little arms and legs moving the whole time. It’s clear how much attention to detail Universal has brought to this project, and that must be exciting to fans of Nintendo, Mario, and theme parks around the world.

Super Nintendo World will eventually open in America at Universal Studios Hollywood and as part of the upcoming Epic Universe theme park at Universal Orlando. For more info on Super Nintendo World, check out our explainer or watch the video below.

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