Pick-Up Artist Simulator Super Seducer Won’t Be Published on PlayStation

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Pick-Up Artist Simulator Super Seducer Won’t Be Published on PlayStation

Super Seducer, a pick-up artist simulator from the self-proclaimed “seduction guru” Richard La Ruina (pictured above) that launched Tuesday, was advertised as being available on Steam and PlayStation 4, but that plan seems to have changed somewhat. According to Motherboard, PlayStation has announced that the game will not launch on their platform as planned.

The game has been panned by numerous YouTubers and anti-harassment advocates for its laughable premise, problematic messages and objectification of women in the weeks leading up to its release. La Ruina himself even harassed and issued a fraudulent DMCA takedown on YouTuber IAmPattyJack’s preview video of the game, based solely off of PattyJack’s claim that being yourself was a fine enough way for people to act when pursuing someone they find attractive.

Speaking to Motherboard, Emily May, co-founder and executive director of the anti-harassment nonprofit Hollaback!, said, “We need to hide this game under a rock and starve it—and the whole PUA culture—of light and oxygen until it dies. PUA culture is what society tells men to be, and it starves men of options and different ways of being in the world.”

The game is still available on Steam, and, while it currently has a positive user-review score, many players are lambasting the game, which is advertised as a tool to teach players how to properly seduce women in almost any everyday setting, as a lesson in harassment. We know a “badger you, chipping away at your defenses, until you give in to my constant sexual pursuit sim” when we see one.

Valve has yet to comment publicly on the title or its presence on Steam, but La Ruina did respond to a request for comment from Motherboard: “My comment is that I have no comment on this.” Classy.

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