The Outer Worlds Gets New Trailer, October Release Date

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The Outer Worlds Gets New Trailer, October Release Date

The Outer Worlds, the forthcoming action-RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, got a new trailer and October release date during Xbox’s E3 conference on Sunday afternoon.

The trailer, shown during Xbox’s E3 conference, promises branching storylines, multiple ways to play, an engaging narrative and even Fallout’s particular janky animation style fans are so fond of in The Outer Worlds.

The game is set on Halcyon, a colony in a distant solar system run by mega-corporations. As the player-character, it sounds like you’re set to start the revolution by digging up the secrets of the corporation and doing what you will with them. That’s all we know about the story, really, though the game seems to be emphasizing its sense of humor. Fallout: New Vegas was a favorite of a lot of fans (and us) due to its strong writing and new ideas for the franchise, so here’s hoping The Outer Worlds follows up on that promise.

The Outer Worlds comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Oct. 25. Watch the new trailer below.

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