Get Ready for Halloween with the Return of The Sims 4‘s Spooky Stuff Pack

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Get Ready for Halloween with the Return of The Sims 4‘s Spooky Stuff Pack

Get ready for some scary fun with the return of The Sims 4’s Spooky Stuff pack. Originally released in 2015, this updated version of the pack will bring new outfits, objects and gameplay features.

The description of the original pack at the Origin website states:

Transform your Sim’s home with ghoulish decorations. Dress up in new costumes and put on makeup to give your Sims a spooky new look. Enjoy the brand-new pumpkin-carving station. Throw a spooky party that everyone will love.

Game Features:

Pumpkin Carving Station. Get creative with your Sims and turn pumpkins into art. Ghost Sims can put a candle-lit pumpkin on their heads! Just beware of mischievous Sims who’d rather stomp than admire.

Spooky Candy Bowl. Reach in for a surprise. But will it be a trick or a treat? See what your Sims find when they interact with this creepy decoration.

Invite Sims over for a Ghastly Party. Use eerie paintings, tombstones that glow, and ghost-shaped lights. Watch for the Eyeball Cheese Plate and other edible treats! Somebody is going to get tricked. Who will it be?

Play dress up with new costumes and makeup. Watch as Sims attend in cute and creepy costumes – everything from sea pirates to Super Llamas, for Sims of all ages.

Watch the trailer for the add-on below. The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff will release on Oct. 2.

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