Thumper Comes to the Switch This Month

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Thumper Comes to the Switch This Month

Following its release on PS4 and PC late last year, Drool’s Thumper will finally be coming to Nintendo’s impressively successful Switch on May 18.

Our review called the perfect-scoring Thumper “Frightening, Claustrophobic and Completely Glorious,” and unsurprisingly, the title topped our list of 2016’s best games. Dubbed a “rhythm violence” game by its creators, players are tasked with guiding a space beetle along a track through terrifying and fantastic worlds, hitting buttons in time with the background music to make sure the object navigates its path safely.

The new Switch version of the game adds full HD Rumble support and plays at a smooth 60 frames-per-second in both its 720p handheld and 1080p TV modes. You can read our full October review of the game here, check out its number-one entry in our 2016 best-of list here or take a look at the game’s launch trailer below.

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