Twitch Might Actually Let Users Know Why They Get Suspended Now—Kind Of

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Twitch Might Actually Let Users Know Why They Get Suspended Now—Kind Of

Suspended Twitch streamers will now receive notifications providing more information as to why the suspension occurred, according to a tweet from the official Twitch Support Twitter account Monday afternoon.

“As of today, enforcement notifications sent to suspended users will include the name of the content and the date of the violation to ensure they have better clarity about what content is being actioned on,” the tweet reads.

Many streamers have complained about the lack of specificity regarding suspensions, with many confused as to why they were even suspended in the first place. While this is an attempt to remedy that, the notification still provides a vague answer as to the reason for suspension. This continues to make it more difficult for streamers to alter their content so that a suspension doesn’t occur again.

In the past year Twitch has been making a handful of changes to their platform to fight the ongoing issue of harassment and exclusion on the site. In May, the company announced the addition of over 350 new tags in order to make the streaming site more inclusive. Twitch also added a new policy to combat harassment, where streamers can also be suspended for actions that occur off-site.

These Twitch updates continue to come at the request of the platform’s streamers and viewers, but the site’s response fails to meet the satisfaction of the community. Despite the new notifications, Twitch users still demand more clarity on the reason for suspension.

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