Jam City Announces New Mobile Franchise, Wild Things: Animal Adventure

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Jam City Announces New Mobile Franchise, Wild Things: Animal Adventure

With the exciting launch of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Jam City has announced its next mobile franchise: 3D puzzle adventure Wild Things: Animal Adventure.

The game allows players to be 3D-animated animals with a sense of purpose and personality as they restore their natural habitats after they’ve fallen into disrepair. Jam City applies a simple, yet timely narrative by having “players earn magic leaves by beating match-3 puzzles, which are used to replant trees, renew waterfalls and other tasks that rejuvenate the animal’s homelands,” as each level creates a unique story through gameplay. Each puzzle has a purpose and a goal, as players unlock new characters and power-ups to advance in the game.

Wild Things: Animal Adventure delivers the spectacular visual and storytelling impact of an animated television or web series to mobile platforms,” says Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe in a statement. “With engaging characters that connect with players, Wild Things: Animal Adventure enriches Jam City’s portfolio of hit titles with a deeper, story-driven style of gameplay.”

Speaking to the title’s narrative structure, Jam City President Josh Yguado adds, “Our world-class art, storytelling and engineering teams collaborated with leading comedy writers and talent to shape this title, as well as our fans, who provided invaluable feedback and enthusiasm along the way.”

The game is available for pre-registration here.

Wild Things: Animal Adventure is shaping up to be another hit franchise for the mobile gaming giant. Watch the pre-registration trailer and see some images from the game below.

Screen Shot 01.jpg

Screen Shot 02.jpg

Screen Shot 03.jpg

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