Wolfenstein II Tips: 10 Ways to Be a Better Nazi Killer

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Wolfenstein II Tips: 10 Ways to Be a Better Nazi Killer

It’s a tough job killing Nazis, and with the official launch of Wolfenstein II upon us, it’s time to crack some anti-Semitic skulls. Here are 10 tips to get you started, covering everything from combat tips to new features making their debut to the series.

Keep Moving

The pacing of the combat in Wolfenstein II remains extremely fast, and you’ll be better off speeding around and picking up health, armor and ammunition than staying in one spot. Sprint through clusters of enemies whenever you can, and keep an eye out for the telltale flash of a supplies pack.

Lure Enemies To Your Spot

That being said, sometimes it’s a good idea to spend at least a few seconds in one specific corner, and draw out your enemies with gunfire. Once they come rushing in, you can flush ‘em out with a grenade and keep going. That’s some good ole fashioned Nazi poachin’.

Keep An Eye Out For Weapon Upgrade Kits

A new addition to Wolfenstein is the use of weapon upgrade kits, which you can cash in for a few different gun modifications as you see fit. Spam that collect button and make sure you don’t miss out on a single one—with sway reduction and reticule, increased magazines and other boosters, they greatly improve the performance of your weapon.

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Explore Alternate Paths

It’s worth spreading out and exploring your environment as much as possible; not only are there several collectibles, but you can also find alternate paths to key areas, providing places to hide and re-emerge and take the enemy by surprise.


It may be hard to remember to occasionally slow down and take a less direct approach, but don’t forget you can come up behind an enemy and use a hatchet to kill them silently. Keep in mind as you creep around, there are often alarms nearby, so try to take out the Kommandants near those controls first.

Use The Laser Weapons On The Big Guys

If you’re up against a tough enemy and you have a laser gun option, use it. It’ll make quick work of the bigger bullies of the game. Oh and if you run out of ammo, look for a charging station. Occasionally there are also ammo drops for the weapons, so keep an eye out for the ones with the lightning symbol, indicating electricity.

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Dual Wield Like Your Like Depends On It

It’s more effective to double up, especially with the aforementioned laser weaponry. It appears to also reduce, somewhat, the backfire and sway from your weapons, improving aim.

Take Cover

OK, so taking cover in a first person shooter is something of a no-brainer, but just as a reminder: it really works. Use it in high pressure situations where you have the luxury of a little distance between you and your assailants.

Look For Maps

Maps aren’t a given. At the beginning of a mission, keep an eye out for the small scraps of paper so you can find your way.

Perks and Contraptions

Later in the game you can choose from 18 different perks that help you define your playstyle: Stealth, Mayhem and Tactical. Completing certain mini goals related to these skills will help you unlock gameplay boosters related to that specific perk. Contraptions will work similarly in terms of falling along the lines of your playstyle. Choose wisely (and don’t forget, you can get a second by completing side missions on the ship).

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