WWE 2K22 Is Coming, and Here’s a Teaser Trailer

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WWE 2K22 Is Coming, and Here’s a Teaser Trailer

If you weren’t watching Wrestlemania this weekend, let me be the one to bring you the great news that WWE 2K22 was announced.

I was not lucky enough to catch the main event, and according to Paste’s own Jade Gomez I apparently missed a hell of a show. You and I don’t have to miss WWE 2K22, though, as you can watch the teaser trailer right here!

Rey Mysterio, who happens to be my childhood favorite, takes center stage (or is it center ring?), and the teaser seems to particularly highlight the sweat on this man’s body. This is the only way to properly communicate graphical fidelity, folks.

Afterwards he does all the things Rey Mysterio does, including performing his signature 619 move on Cesaro, who just scored a major victory at WrestleMania on Saturday. I don’t know, Rey, maybe you should let him enjoy his win and take it a little easy on him.

While no release date was provided, the trailer does end on a vague “Coming Soon” so expect it when it’s ready later this year.

Recent WWE titles have not been fantastically received among fans and critics for various technical glitches and a general downturn in quality. Last year’s yearly WWE 2K game was actually straight up canceled after the poor reception of the barely functional 2019 release, WWE 2K20, and replaced with a cartoonish arcade-style wrestling game that also fared poorly, though at least it worked. There now seems to be a lot riding on WWE 2K22 not only being good, but a functional return to form, so here’s hoping it sticks the landing.

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