20 Bethesda Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow, Including Doom, Fallout, and More

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20 Bethesda Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow, Including Doom, Fallout, and More

Coming through on their promise from earlier this week, Bethesda used a roundtable discussion today about their new relationship with Xbox to announce that 20 of their games will be available on Game Pass as of March 12.

Bethesda’s Game Pass titles truly run the gamut, but also mostly hit the bases that Bethesda fans are probably hoping for. Some have already been up on Game Pass for a while—Skyrim, Dishonored 2, Doom Eternal, Fallout: New Vegas—but those series will be fleshed out now with more installments hitting the service. Fans of The Elder Scrolls will be getting Oblivion, Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls Online, so there’s plenty of Tamriel to dig into if you have Game Pass. And every Fallout since New Vegas will be up on the subscription service as of tomorrow. I haven’t played New Vegas since it was glitched to hell at launch so it’s good to know I can go back now that it’s maybe still glitched to hell. While there’s no word on Fallout 3 yet, I’m sure that won’t be absent for too long.

I’m personally excited that Dishonored will be joining Dishonored 2, and that Prey is coming too. I’ve bounced on a number of Arkane’s games despite being absolutely enamored with them. They’re often just really dense games at a time where I need something lighter. Having them on Game Pass again (which they won’t be leaving thanks to the acquisition) makes it much easier on me to plan the time for them and dive in with super low stakes.

Most of the MachineGames-led Wolfenstein games are also coming to Game Pass. That includes Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Old Blood and Youngblood, the one game we don’t really talk about or acknowledge all that much.

Doom shows up in a big way, with every mainline entry accounted for except for the curiously missing 2016 reboot, which is an excellent game and a golden standard for modern shooters. But I guess I can give Doom Eternal another shot too.

To round out these mainstays and heavy hitters, Game Pass will also be getting The Evil Within (another game I loved but didn’t finish) and Rage 2, which people keep trying to convince me is worth the time.

That’s a lot of games you can all get as of March 12 on Game Pass, which is a steal and a half if you haven’t already signed up for it, and there’s more on the way.

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