Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Item Location Guide

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Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Item Location Guide

The second Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC has arrived, bringing with it even more special items and costumes for you to go hunting for. As with the first expansion, these items have been scattered across the world with only a handful of vague hints to help guide you in the right direction. Whether you’re having trouble with a clue or simply in a rush, we’ve got you covered with a handy guide to the locations of every new bit of gear from the Champion’s Ballad expansion.

Royal Guard Boots

Royal Guard Boots 1.jpg

These boots can be found in the Guards’ Chamber, an area located in the tunnels that run underneath Hyrule Castle. The easiest way to get here is to cross over the main bridge entrance into Hyrule Castle, following the path as it winds around the left of the hillside. When you come across a doorway leading into the tunnels on your right, head inside and use Cryonis to lift the gate up and head upstairs. Take a left at the top of the stairs and you’ll see a Lizalfos standing in between two doorways. Dispatch the Lizalfos and take the left doorway, which is marked by a lit torch. Down the stairs you will find the Guards’ Chamber, and the chest containing the boots can be found underneath one of the two Lizalfos hiding dormant in the main area of the room.

Royal Guard Boots 3.jpg

Royal Guard Cap

Royal Guard Cap 1.jpg

The Royal Guard Cap can be found on the main tower above Ganon’s lair, near the highest point of the castle. Start by climbing up the west side of the tower, avoiding guardians where possible. Once you reach the top levels, the cap can be found inside a circular room above the giant node that highlights Calamity Ganon on the Hyrule Castle map. Head inside the room while avoiding the corruption and you will find the chest at the foot of a statue on the north side of the chamber.

Royal Guard Cap 2.jpg

Royal Guard Cap 3.jpg

Royal Guard Uniform:

Royal Guard Uniform 1.jpg

Head to the southeastern side of the castle and locate the entrance to the Dining Hall along the hillside pathway. Once inside, head straight to the double doors ahead of you and continue straight ahead into the stone passageway. Walk to the end of the hallway until you reach a dead end, then pull out your bomb rune and blast the cobblestone wall to your left. The chest can be found inside the small chamber within.

Royal Guard Uniform 2 .jpg

Royal Guard Uniform 3.jpg

Royal Guard Uniform 4.jpg

Royal Guard Set.jpg

Phantom Ganon Armor

Phantom Ganon Armor 1.jpg

Not only does the Phantom Ganon armor come with a fancy cape, it also provides a decent amount of defense and increases your stealth rating when equipped. To find the armor head over to the Faron Tower waypoint and head west until you reach Sarjon Bridge. The chest can be found in the river directly under the bridge, and can be fished out using the magnesis rune.

Phantom Ganon Armor 2.jpg

Phantom Ganon Armor 3.jpg

Phantom Ganon Greaves

Phantom Ganon Greaves 1.jpg

Equipping the Phantom Ganon Greaves grants you a solid increase to your armor, as well as boosting your stealth rating. To find these greaves, head over to the Faron Tower waypoint and make your way east across the Floria Bridge until you reach Ebara Forest. Once you arrive at the entrance of the forest, look to the left of the path and you will see a broken bird statue. The chest can be found hiding somewhat buried in the earth just behind the statue.

Phantom Ganon Greaves 2.jpg

Phantom Ganon Greaves 3.jpg

Phantom Ganon Skull

Phantom Ganon Skull 1.jpg

The Phantom Ganon Skull may look intimidating, but equipping it will boost both your armor and your stealth rating. To find the skull, head to the Faron Tower waypoint before walking northeast to Corta Lake. The chest can be found submerged in the water at the foot of the southern waterfall leading out of Corta Lake, and can be fished up using the magnesis rune.

Phantom Ganon Skull 2.jpg

Phantom Ganon Skull 3.jpg

Phantom Ganon Set.jpg

Island Lobster Shirt

Island Lobster Shirt 1.jpg

The Island Lobster Shirt doesn’t give much in the way of defense, but it does grant a passive heat resistance to the wearer. To find the shirt, head to the Lake Tower waypoint and head southwest towards the western inlet of Cora Lake. The chest can be found hiding underneath the outlet built into the face of the mountainside, and can be fished out by using the magnesis rune.

Island Lobster Shirt 2.jpg

Island Lobster Shirt 3.jpg

Island Lobster Shirt set.jpg

Ravio’s Hood

Ravios hood 1.jpg

Wearing Ravio’s Hood increases your sideways climbing speed, allowing you to cover greater distances without consuming as much stamina. To find Ravio’s Hood head to the Faron Tower waypoint and make your way northwest towards the Spring of Courage, which is just above Dracozu Lake. Make sure you watch out for the legion of Lizalfos archers that guard the entrance to the spring as they typically fire off several volleys of electric arrows at anyone that gets too close. To find the chest, head over to the right hand of the stone dragon and you should see the treasure hiding underneath one of the large claws.

Ravios hood 2.jpg

Ravios hood 3.jpg

Ravios Hood Set.jpg

Zant’s Helmet

Zants helmet 1.jpg

Equipping Zant’s helmet gives you three armor and grants you immunity to being frozen. To find this headpiece waypoint to Faron Tower and head north until you reach Tobio’s Hollow. The chest can be found on the leftmost island in the tar pits at the northern area of the hollow, nestled between two dead trees. Either fly over to the island using your paraglider, or try using magnesis to drag the chest over to safety.

Zants helmet 2.jpg

Zants helmet 3.jpg

Zants Helmet Set.jpg

Ancient Saddle

Ancient Saddle 1.jpg

The Ancient Saddle grants the ability to summon the horse it is equipped on from anywhere on the map, regardless of your distance to the horse. Found behind the fairy shrine just across the Horse God Bridge, which can be found directly south of the Highland Stables. Use magnesis to pull up the chest in the corner to the left of the shrine.

Ancient saddle 2.jpg

Ancient Saddle 3.jpg

Ancient Bridle

Ancient Bridle 1.jpg

The Ancient Bridle increases the number of spurs on the horse it is equipped on, allowing you to gallop for longer periods without resting. The bridle can be found on the peak of Satori Mountain, which is located to the southwest of the Ridgeland Tower. To find the chest head over to the base of the cherry blossom tree and the chest will be sitting half submerged just above the small pond.

Ancient Bridle 2.jpg

Ancient Bridle 3.jpg

Ancient Horse Armor.jpg

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