Visit Every X-Files Location With This Interactive Map

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Ever wanted to visit all 202 creepy, oddball locations featured in The X-Files? Well, now you can travel Chris Carter’s entire universe with the help of the Mapping The X-Files Project and Mapbox.

Stemming from Jane Robert’s mapping project, Katy DeCorah’s interactive Mapbox diagram allows fans to explore the same places as Mulder and Scully. Not only does the map include pins for real places, but approximate pins for the fictional ones. It also features data on the show’s multi-location episodes, which saw our favorite truth seekers traveling to and from various cities and countries.

New locations featured in the upcoming X-Files mini-series will be added as they air. Play with the interactive map and location summaries, then see if you can find the Easter eggs left for that hardcore X-Files fan in all of us.

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