10 Impressive, Healthy And Delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly Meal Delivery Kits

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10 Impressive, Healthy And Delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly Meal Delivery Kits

As news about the health benefits of vegan and vegetarian diets spreads, people are getting more and more creative with how they eat their greens.

Anyone who’s dedicated to plant-life knows it’s not easy. Finding a good veg-friendly restaurant is a struggle, and homemade meals can be bland and unsatisfying, unless you’re a chef.

Sure, you can jump on the meal-kit bandwagon, but what’s the likeliness that they’ll cater to your tastes, literally?

Well, we just found out that it’s likelier than you might think.

In an effort to maintain a balanced meat-free plant-based diet and squeeze all the nutritious juice out of those fruits and veggies, we’ve dug up highly regarded vegetarian and vegan friendly meal delivery services and tried them out. Here are our 10 favorites.

1. Purple Carrot

A plant-based meal kit company, Purple Carrot delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and simple step-by-step recipes to your doorstep to be turned into healthy, plant-based meals at home. Why? Because eating plant-based meals “has a positive impact on people’s health, the environment and animal welfare.” Purple Carrot encourages people to eat consciously while not completely giving up meat, fish and dairy, and become a “balanceatarian”—someone who consciously integrates plant-based eating into their life while not completely giving up meat, fish and dairy, according to the brand. Each week their chefs create new, seriously creative plant-based dishes inspired by seasonal flavors. Our favorite was a dairy-free quesadilla with a unique lime enhanced twist on vegan mayo that provided the creaminess you’d want from a sour cream without tasting all … mayo-y. The instructions were easy to follow, and the recipes actually were all under 30 minutes.

2. Sakara

When the premade Sakara meals arrive at your door, you’ll feel effortlessly beach-chic and fit. And it makes sense—that’s kind of the vibe their founders give off. Sakara is an organic, plant-based nutrition plan delivered to your door. They rely on high-quality ingredients and superfoods to create inventive dishes like the celery root and buffalo cauliflower burger. These are the kind of meals you look at and worry how you’ll be full after, where you’re not entirely sure what you’re eating but you’re confident it’s OK. Then, somehow, at the end of the meal, you are totally satisfied. The waters are a little weird, but we dig it.

3. Terra’s Kitchen


If you’re looking for more comfort food, Terra’s Kitchen is the way to go. Another recipe-reliant option, Terra’s Kitchen sends pre-prepped high-quality ingredients in a very impressive climate-controlled Vessel. The eco-friendly delivery Vessel is reusable, and Terra’s Kitchen picks it up the next day to reuse up to 100 times on future orders. Protecting your body, and the environment in one bite. Their recipes are based on the “Mediterranean lifestyle.” And we’ve all heard how healthy—and stunning—that is; it reduces inflammation and has proven cardiovascular benefits, according to Terra’s Kitchen. While it’s not exclusively vegetarian or vegan, those diets are taken care of. But it’s also a great option for those who have a meat-eating (even paleo) family member. We highly recommend the Buddha Bowl and Vegan Power Bowl, if only for the super creamy and flavorful veggie-based dressings. The tofu tacos are a satisfying yet healthy substitute for your Taco Bell craving.

4. Veestro

Veestro provides incredibly delicious plant-based meals—all organic, no preservatives and non-GMO. They are already cooked and freezer friendly. Just heat when you are ready to eat. Their mantra is: Plants Please. Your taste buds. Your body. Your schedule. Their veggie empanadas are the perfect easy lunch or afternoon snack, and their curry turned this fearful curry-eater into a fan.

5. Chef’d

This meal plan marketplace has partnered with healthy havens like Atkins, Runner’s World and Vegetarian Times (our favorite publication, after Paste) to create meals that fit into the health and wellness category. You can subscribe to a plan or order a la carte. And while Chef’d offers tons of meats and some guilty pleasure foods, too, everything is relatively good for you (you, your soul, same thing) and they have a handful of options for us healthy herbivores like pesto zucchini noodles.

6. Urban Remedy

If you ever considered doing a cleanse but didn’t think you had it in you or needed a gradual transition, Urban Remedy is the meal plan for you. This colorful company delivers plant-based, organic prepared meals that embody the belief that “food is healing” and encourages consumers to eat ultra-fresh and clean. That might not sound so good, but they make it easy by bringing creative dishes right to your door. And believe it or not, eating clean tastes pretty good. Their better-for-you foods, from a spicy Thai noodle salad to “Blue Magic” juice to almond brownies, all contribute to their ultimate mission of emphasizing freshness and nutrient density. None of the food is processed or stripped of its nutrients. The meal plans provide more than just food; they range from the Kate Upton to the keto to the anti-inflammation to the immune to the Cindy Crawford. The kits consist of juices and food, and while meat is an option, their menu is completely dairy-free (and also gluten-free), making it easy for vegans.

7. Hungry Root

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely seen Hungry Root’s crisp yet colorful ads on Instagram. That might even be why you’re here. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve test-driven this kit to see if is actually as good as it looks. And the answer is, yes. They take indulgent, comfort foods, and recreate them using vegetables, legumes and nuts. Some of their most impressive dishes include sweet potato pad thai, cheesy butternut squash fries and almond chickpea cookie dough. The dishes are easy to make, requiring no more than 10-15 minutes. But know this: the servings are small, so if you’re on a crazy strict diet, their delicious dishes will really tempt your taste buds.

8. Sun Basket

If you want farm to your table, but don’t have the farm, Sun Basket will deliver. Literally and figuratively. Sun Basket works with the country’s best farms, ranchers, and fishermen and is CCOF-certified organic. They offer vegetarian and vegan meal plans, but you’re meat-eating partner can also indulge in some of their paleo, lean and clean, and pescatarian meals. And the award-winning chef created menus are always fresh, so it’s unlikely you’ll have the same exact dish twice.

9. Green Chef

The “green” in Green Chef doesn’t mean they’re completely plant-based, but it does mean they make every effort to be eco-friendly and veg-friendly. They have vegan and vegetarian meal plans that include an array of diverse and fun to cook meals that allow you to enjoy everything an unrestricted eater does, like spiced chickpea “meatloaf,” vegan crab cakes and a grilled BBQ tempeh sandwich.

10. Epicured

Many people become vegan to cut out dairy and stomach aches. If you’re that person, Epicured will become your new best friend. The only meal delivery service preparing low FODMAP and gluten-free meals is perfect for people living with IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac, and gluten sensitivity. In case this is new to you, FODMAP is an acronym for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols. These are short-chain carbohydrates found in many foods and food additives that can be hard for some people to digest. A low FODMAP diet requires cutting down on dairy, wheat and many fruits and vegetables, among other things; basically, it can be really hard. Epicured makes it easy with their seriously delicious low-FODMAP Michelin-star chef created dishes like tacos, sesame ponzu soba noodles, energy bite snacks, and breakfast parfaits. The best part is the that meals are already cooked and just need heating up and preparing.

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