Paste Expands Coverage Into Seven New Sections

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Paste Expands Coverage Into Seven New Sections

In 2002, Paste launched as a music publication which also covered movies, books and whatever else interested us at the moment. Since then, we’ve become one of the premiere sites for subjects near to our hearts, as varied as videogames, comics, design and travel. Today we once again expand our scope of coverage into seven new areas: Theatre, Visual Art, Media, Business, Health, Science and yes, Wrestling.

Our goal is to become a primary source for great writing on each of the topics you find at Paste, covering them with a passion for and deep knowledge of the subject matter. That enthusiasm and expertise is apparent when we’re listing the Best Post-Rock Albums of All Time or blind-tasting 247 different IPAs so we can highlight our favorites. And it will be apparent as we cover the most exciting new musicals and plays on and off Broadway or real discoveries about those galaxies far, far away.

Most of those passions are mine—I was a biology major before switching to journalism, and before dreaming up Paste magazine, I thought I’d have a career studying sea life. I can’t wait to see what Paste Science publishes. I have two children obsessed with musical theatre, and my wife and I have made going to see a play a somewhat regular date night. Paste’s new Theatre and Visual Art sections round out some of the best arts and entertainment coverage on the web. And as a professional journalist, few things fascinate me as much as developments in the world of Media.

That said, our Wrestling coverage comes courtesy of Paste staffers Garrett Ryan Martin and Jim Vorel, who will wax poetic about Wrestlemania and the qualities of various legendary wrestlers in our Decatur office. They’ve been quietly publishing stories on wrestling that even I, who would rather watch bad reality TV than WWE, find intriguing, like this piece on the weird indie circuit. And while I personally couldn’t name three wrestlers who aren’t also movie stars, our Paste Wrestling writers will bring the same level of authoritative knowledge and unbridled zeal that our music, movies and TV staff bring to their respective subjects.

We’re proud to announce the following editors to head up each of these sections:

Science/Health – Alex Crevar (
Media/Business – Jacob Weindling (
Theatre – Alicia Kort (
Visual Art – Emily Ray (
Wrestling – Garrett Martin (

Paste has grown tenfold in the last six years, thanks to a hunger for great writing that isn’t just chasing after clicks. Our goal is to deliver quality, whether it’s a 3,000-word reported feature or an exhaustive list. We’ll be doing that with each of these new sections, and we hope you we can help you keep up with the topics that interest you most.

Josh Jackson is the founding editor-in-chief of Paste.