Marvel Brings Dan Harmon in for Script Work on Doctor Strange Reshoots

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We’ve got another Marvel movie barreling towards us by year’s end and, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, a tantalizing bit of news for it. Community creator Dan Harmon has been brought on to do script work for the reshoots on Doctor Strange.

The Marvel movie-making machine runs like clockwork at this point, and part of that process is the additional photography to sew up anything found wanting during postproduction. The dreaded word “reshoots” makes people nervous because of what it can mean about the state of a movie (see: Suicide Squad) but for movies this big, they’re pretty standard.

So in Doctor Strange’s case, there probably isn’t anything to worry about. The movie’s production seems to have been pretty smooth thus far and its major sequences will have already been finalized, so most likely it just means Harmon’s punching up the script with some good old Marvel-mandated jokes.

It’s also not the first time Marvel has brought on a comedy writer to help a movie out. After Edgar Wright left Ant-Man (pour one out for that lost masterpiece), Anchorman writer-director Adam McKay was brought in to contribute to that movie’s script, and that turned out pretty well, right?

Harmon’s fellow Community alums Anthony and Joe Russo are the duo responsible for Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, so here’s hoping there’s some magic in pairing Community with Marvel.

Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular sorcerer, is due out on Nov. 4. Watch the flick’s latest trailer below.

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