David Gray - Live In Slow Motion [iht]

No-frills concert experience with talented singer/songwriter

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David Gray - Live In Slow Motion [iht]

David Gray’s strength lies in the contrasts he’s built into his songs and recordings, marrying craftsmanship with rough-and-tumble edges. His soulful core has always managed to kick through whatever rudimentary trappings envelop it. For 2005’s Life In Slow Motion, Gray and his band worked in a larger studio than previously, and with an outside producer. This DVD documents the concert at London’s Hammersmith during the tour that followed. It’s thoughtfully ?lmed and edited, eschewing quick cuts for a more luxurious pace, as be?ts the music. The set frames the emotional depth and diversity of Gray’s writing, and also spotlights arrangements that, while orchestral and controlled, enjoy suf?cient breathing room. There are no gimmicks or stage wizardry to be found here—just six musicians, an enthusiastic but polite audience and an elegant setting.

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