Elijah Wood Will Play Ted Bundy’s FBI Analyst in Thriller No Man of God

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Elijah Wood Will Play Ted Bundy’s FBI Analyst in Thriller No Man of God

The thirst for content revolving around American serial killer Ted Bundy never quite seems to let up, does it? Just a year after Netflix attracted headlines, both positive and negative, for Zac Efron’s take on Bundy in the film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Deadline is reporting there’s another major Bundy film on the way. And this one, No Man of God, will star none other than Elijah Wood—but not as Bundy. Rather, Wood will be playing the FBI analyst who repeatedly interviewed and interrogated Bundy at various points between 1984 and 1989. XYZ films will be shopping No Man of God at next week’s Cannes virtual market—and because we know you’re wondering, the role of Bundy has apparently not yet been cast.

No Man of God is described as a story set largely in a single interrogation room, revolving around the real-life conversations between Bundy and FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier, to be played by Wood. According to Deadline, “the film details the complicated relationship that formed between the two men during Bundy’s final years on death row.” Given the format, it’s hard not to be reminded of David Fincher’s Mindhunter in particular, with Wood stepping into the same sort of role as Jonathon Groff’s agent Holden Ford.

The film is to be directed by Amber Sealey, best known for No Light and No Land Anywhere, and was written by C. Robert Cargill. Wood, the star of everything from The Lord of the Rings to last year’s Come To Daddy, is among the producers, which also include Scott Derrickson and real-life central character Bill Hagmaier.

We’ll bring you more information on No Man of God—especially the Bundy casting, which will be sure to generate headlines—as the news breaks.

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