Watch the Hilariously Profane Red-Band Trailer for Fist Fight

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Warner Bros. Pictures just released a hilariously profane red-band trailer for the new film Fist Fight. If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing Ice Cube’s dry, intimidating humor duke it out with Charlie Day’s manic, high-pitched voice, look no further. You’ve found your niche. Fist Fight is the film for you.

In previous trailers, we’re never really shown what happens to Ice Cube’s Strickland that costs him his job. In this trailer, it seems that it’s a culmination of things that leads Strickland to lose his patience and react violently to a number of pranks. Day’s Campbell snitches, so he’s about to get stitches, then leading viewers to the eponymous fist fight.

Starring Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Jillian Bell, Tracy Morgan, Dean Norris and Christina Hendricks, Fist Fight releases in theaters on Feb. 17. Check out the red band trailer above—headphones are advised—and the previous, much cleaner trailer here.