It’s Laurie vs. Michael Myers … Again … In New Halloween Kills Teaser

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It’s Laurie vs. Michael Myers … Again … In New Halloween Kills Teaser

2018’s long-awaited Halloween sequel, also somehow just titled Halloween, was an up-and-down film that pleased some genre geeks while infuriating others. Although it was nice to see Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode, perhaps the most iconic “final girl” in the history of the genre, the film’s sometimes absurd plotting, loose threads and preponderance of extra characters often got in the way of some admittedly great on-screen violence. The film ended, meanwhile, as so many Halloween films already have: With Michael Myers apparently dead, but no one bothering to check for sure. Because yeah, that worked out so well the previous times, right?

Which brings us to Halloween Kills, originally scheduled to be released this year on Oct. 16, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic obviously put a halt to those plans, delaying the release not by a few months but by an entire year, with Halloween Kills being swapped to Oct. 15, 2021—it’s a franchise that can only be released in October, after all. Director David Gordon Green has been clear about his unhappiness at the loss of this October release, and has tried to keep audience’s minds on the film as a result, including with the release of this new teaser trailer.

Halloween Kills returns to the three generations of Strode women who got one up on Michael last round, with Curtis as Laurie, Judy Greer as daughter Karen, and Andi Matichak as high school-aged granddaughter Allyson, an obvious thematic placeholder for the “original” Laurie Strode. Here, they’ll obviously battle Michael once again, although it’s hard to expect any finality when you know that another sequel is already scheduled for 2022, entitled Halloween Ends. Perhaps they’ll actually be able to build some suspense by that point?

Regardless, the teaser below shows Michael back in action for the first time in Halloween Kills, retrieving his charred mask and beginning to slay once again. If you ask us, it looks like it’s taking place on the same night as the last film, which would make it something of a spiritual remake of the original Halloween II from 1981. Check out the arterial spray below.

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