Watch Nic Cage Go Berserk in the First Trailer for Horror Comedy Mom and Dad

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Watch Nic Cage Go Berserk in the First Trailer for Horror Comedy Mom and Dad

Quick show of hands: How many of the cinema aesthetes in the audience have ever thought the following? “You know, I’ve sure seen a lot of great film experiences over the years, but why hasn’t anyone ever given me a film where a delirious Nic Cage smashes apart a pool table with a sledgehammer while screaming ‘The Hokey Pokey’?”

If that’s the kind of question that keeps you awake at night, you’re in luck—your film has finally arrived, and it’s called Mom and Dad. Directed by Brian Taylor, who brought us such cheapo action classics as Crank and its sequel, it depicts a world where seemingly all of the parents snap overnight and decide to eradicate their children … except, you know, presented as a black comedy instead of legit horror. Cage, the titular “Dad,” is joined by Selma Blair (Hellboy) as “Mom.” Amusingly, the film shares the same name as the infamous (but massively successful) 1945 film Mom and Dad, considered a classic example of the “sex hygiene” subgenre of exploitation pictures.

As one might expect, the trailer above talks up the transgressive nature of Mom and Dad, comparing it to “Home Alone on bath salts,” although a more apt comparison might be to George Romero’s classic 1973 film The Crazies, which depicts a town where all the residents become raving psychopaths. We’re also detecting a touch of the 1989 cult classic Parents, with Nic Cage stepping into the role of Randy Quaid. Which of those is more desirable, we’ll leave up to you.

Watch the frenzied trailer for Mom and Dad above. The film will arrive in both limited theaters and VOD in only a few weeks, on Jan. 19, 2018.

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