Jeremy Saulnier and Netflix Teaming Up for New Film

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Jeremy Saulnier and Netflix Teaming Up for New Film

Netflix and Jeremy Saulnier are teaming up for a new film, Hold the Dark, based on the 2014 novel by William Giraldi. Saulnier’s constant creative partner Macon Blair will write the script.

If you recognize Saulnier’s name, it’s probably because you saw the 2016 Patrick Stewart-starring, neo-Nazi vs. punk band horror film Green Room, which was absolutely nuts. He also directed the 2013 Southern-noir film Blue Ruin, which was equally as effective. So yeah, news that Netflix is teaming up with one of the most promising indie filmmakers in the industry is very exciting.

The plot of the novel Hold the Dark focuses on the killing of a young boy in a remote Alaskan village by a rogue wolf. A wildlife naturalist comes from the mainland to investigate and is swept up in a dangerous love triangle between the boy’s unstable father and bereaved mother.

There are no actors attached yet, and filming begins Feb. 27 in Alberta, Canada.