Netflix Launches Bright Hotline to Promote Forthcoming Film

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Netflix Launches Bright Hotline to Promote Forthcoming Film

Don’t you miss the process of calling a number to find out about movie showtimes? We do. That’s why we’re glad that Netflix is bringing the hotlne back to promote its forthcoming fantasy cop film Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. The streaming service unveiled the Bright Hotline to act as “your one-stop-shop for showtimes, concessions information and ratings (both Human and Orc MPAA-certified)” for the movie.

So if you’re feeling nostalgic and miss the simpler times when movie information wasn’t readily accessible via the Internet, dial 1-844-SEE-BRIGHT. You’ll then be directed to a menu prompting you to dial various number for various nuggets of information, like where to watch Bright (anywhere, but only through Netflix) and when it comes out (Dec. 22).

As an added bonus, you can hear Smith dishing out movie slogans by pressing 2-1, and listen to Edgerton’s guided meditation by pressing 2-3. You can also unearth more information by pressing a myriad of other button combinations. So go ahead. Waste some time—try it!

Watch the latest trailer for Bright here.

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