Make Familial Resentment Go Viral with Exclusive Character Posters and .Gifs from The Family Fang

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Jason Bateman, he of Arrested Development and the ineffable charm, is following up his (pretty damn funny but also depressing) directorial debut, Bad Words, with The Family Fang, out On Demand this Friday, May 6th.

Nothing says “Beginning of Blockbuster Movie Season!” than a dysfunctional family, character-driven dramedy, right?

Right. Which is why we’re pleased to exclusively premiere both some exceptionally viral-ready .gifs and some character posters for Bateman’s The Family Fang. But first, you probably want to know what this thing’s about. Here’s the studio’s synopsis:

Though they live on opposite sides of the country, Annie (Nicole Kidman) and her brother Baxter (Jason Bateman) live parallel—and highly problematic lives. She is an actress whose recent antics make her more visible in the tabloids than on-screen, and he is a down-on-his-luck writer whose latest far-fetched freelance gig has landed him in the hospital with a head injury. Because of this mishap, Annie and Baxter must return home to their eccentric parents, Caleb and Camille Fang (Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett, and played in flashbacks by Kathryn Hahn and Jason Butler Harner), for a period of recovery and reconciliation. And the reason these siblings are so messed up is that Caleb and Camille are no ordinary parents, and nothing about growing up in the Family Fang has prepared Annie and Baxter for life in the real world.

So, let’s meet our characters:





Caleb and Camille


And now, devoid of context (as all good things are), a few .gifs from the film:


Aw, that’s nice. Looks like he’s saying, reassuringly, “Hey, forget about him.” Ah! The vicissitudes of love! ...maybe. Or something.


Yikes! Danger!


Christopher Walken is probably a really fun guy.

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