Rose McGowan Suspended From Twitter After Criticizing Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck

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Rose McGowan Suspended From Twitter After Criticizing Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck

Actress Rose McGowan has been one of the loudest voices in Hollywood ever since the allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein came out, and for good reason, too. According to the expose from The NYT, McGowan was one of several Hollywood figures who received a settlement from Weinstein after her own gross hotel encounter with the mogul. But it seems that Twitter thinks that McGowan is coming on too strong, as the website bafflingly locked the actress out of her own account.

McGowan posted on Instagram late last night:


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As of this writing, McGowan’s Twitter account has been reinstated, but the tweets she had to delete, and what terms they violated, are not exactly clear. The temporary deactivation comes after McGowan took aim at “Hollywood ‘A-list’ golden boys” like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who both came out with their own condemnations; of Weinstein.

Affleck himself was embroiled in his own controversy, with an old video resurfacing of the actor groping actress Hilarie Burton on an episode of TRL. Affleck publicly apologized on Twitter yesterday:

McGowan’s tweets are certainly strong-worded and profane (just check her feed for yourself), but they all come from a passionate and personal anger at a larger problem within the massive Hollywood male-driven power complex. McGowan has long been outspoken on the issues of sexual assault and rape, revealing a year ago that she was raped by a studio executive.

You would think that Twitter would allow this voice to stay on their service—it’s not like she’s provoking nuclear war or anything.