Watch Out, Horror Geeks: Shudder Is Increasing Subscription Prices

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Watch Out, Horror Geeks: Shudder Is Increasing Subscription Prices

Horror fans who are subscribers to AMC-owned streaming service Shudder may have a little something to be mildly spooked by in the near future, as the genre-specific streamer sent an email to subscribers Friday informing them of a modest bump in its monthly subscription price. The monthly subscription, currently at $6, will be moving to $7 at the end of August.

For us, this does little to dampen our enthusiasm for the Shudder film library, which ranks as #1 in our extensive ranking of the best horror film libraries available at the various major streamers. Although the Shudder library is increasingly bulked up by original films, which unsurprisingly vary in quality, it also has deep access to foundational horror films of various eras, foreign language horror, and a seemingly unending supply of goofy, classic slashers.

Nor is this really part of a pattern of price increases for Shudder, as the price of a monthly subscription seemingly last changed in 2019, when it was bumped from $5 to $6. Hopefully this price increase will also be followed by a four year period of stability. In its letter to subscribers, the company says the increase is “part of our commitment to improve Shudder,” unsurprisingly without saying anything in specific beyond that. Subscribers will have until Aug. 29, 2023 to cancel if they don’t want to pay the new rate.

Also of note: Annual subscriptions to the horror service are still also available at an annual rate of $57 until the end of August, when we presume that rate will also increase. Given that this works out to about $4.75 per month, it’s the overall best deal available to Shudder fans.

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