Widely Banned Horror Film The Devils Now On Shudder

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Widely Banned Horror Film <i>The Devils</i> Now On Shudder

Today has been a big day for streaming services. In addition to the Netflix announcement about a little Orson Welles picture deal, Shudder has just premiered the previously banned film The Devils on its streaming service today. This is a 109-minute cut of the film that was previously unavailable in the U.S. since its release in 1971.

Ken Russell’s controversial The Devils is about a rogue priest accused of witchcraft in the 17th century, and was condemned by the Catholic Church for being blasphemous, probably because of that scene where Vanessa Redgrave imagines that she makes out with the aforementioned priest in the visage of Jesus Christ. That kind of thing tends to ruffle some feathers.

This is the first time The Devils has been available on any streaming service, and it’s just been released on DVD in the past five years in the U.K. For years, Warner Bros. has been desperately trying to bury it, mostly by keeping it out of a wide release—probably because of that whole Catholic Church thing. Again, this has not been available for purchase in the U.S. before, and may mark the first time horror fans on this side of The Great Pond will be seeing it, which is pretty cool, considering how hard it used to be to get a hold on this kind of thing.

The Devils is currently streaming on Shudder, the go-to horror film streaming service. Check out slightly NSFW trailer below, and find our list of the best horror flicks streaming on Shudder here.