Star Wars: Episode VIII Director Shares Set Photo, Status Update

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According to Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson, filming on the next entry in the legendary sci-fi saga is almost complete. He shared a photo yesterday of a cloak hanging against a rocky background with the caption: “In the home stretch.” Here’s the photo:

rian johson star wars.jpg

Johnson, who also penned the film’s script, has shared a few (annoyingly vague) photos over the course of Episode VIII’s production on his Tumblr page, but this is the only one in color and perhaps the most telling—the cloak is pretty clearly the one that Luke Skywalker was wearing in the final scene of The Force Awakens. The cave-like background is a little more mysterious, though it looks like it could exist on the same planet where Rey found Skywalker.

Filming for Episode VIII has been in progress since February, for the most part in the U.K., with some bits done in Croatia, and apparently is going smoother than the Rogue One shoot. The film is due to hit theaters in December of 2017.

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