Watch: Eerie First Trailer for Sundance Winner The Witch

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There’s evil in the wood. Those are the last lines of the first trailer for A24’s The Witch, which promises to be an positively sinister film. The horror flick premiered at Sundance this year to rave reviews, earning Robert Eggers the award for best director (he also wrote the film). The Witch tells the story of a mid-17th century family trying to make a good life for themselves by moving to a seriously ominous and secluded spot in the woods. The film not-so-coincidentally takes place only a few decades before the event in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible does; major themes in the film focus on witchcraft and womanhood. When the family infant child goes missing, the New England family begins to experience more and more unsettling misfortune and and a result, they begin to suspect one another of wrongdoing. At the center of suspicion is rising star Anya Taylor-Joy. For horror-fans bored with the current run-of-mill paranormal activity, it may be time to head back a few centuries.

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